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Redefining the Way You think about Wellness

Using the new Mendable technology we can change the way people view wellness and the problems associated with it. Using an island as a safe space for people to relax and learn more about different types of wellness problems. We give the users tools to try and improve their wellness and mental state by being able to set specific goals and having steps along the way to meet those goals. On the island there is a great level of interaction between users, with the ability of protecting peoples anonymity whilst offering an outlet and connection to other people experiencing the same things they are. 

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Founder: Sophia May


M-Print Heart-Mind Technology

Measurable Success!


At Mendable we want people to have the ability to recognize some of the mental difficulties they are experiencing. This application enables people to communicate with their own bodies and communicate with others who may experience similar difficulties. Mendable strives to spread awareness and recognition of mental illness, so people will not be as afraid to speak to others when facing problems. Mendable can be utilized as a first step to self recovery.

About Mendable



During the pandemic many people suffered with their mental health, and we wanted to do something to help them. We wanted to create a platform where people could express themselves and feel supported by people who cares or could relate. We wanted to be innovators and create something new where people could come and relax whilst they improved their mental well-being. The founder decided to create a clubhouse room to enable a safe space for people to share their mental health testimonies. 


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