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Mendable on Clubhouse

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Link To Mendable's Mental Health Awareness Club

The link above will take you to the Mental Health Awareness Club.  Once you join, you will be able to see the upcoming  Mendable weekly rooms.

What is Mendable on Clubhouse?

Mendable Clubhouse allows for anonymous participation for anyone to share their story and be heard from the comfort of their home. We are a global community of people building a supportive space for one another through live voice streaming.  We talk about our lives, our personal experiences both good and bad, and what we're going through.  It is hosted by dedicated group members and often you will see the founders participate as guest moderators.  Mendable is very grateful to have such dedicated lead moderators, as they give their time consistently and freely in order to support others in their well-being journey.   

 * requires Android or iOS device with the Clubhouse App installed.



Mondays & Thursdays

8 pm UK, 12 pm PST, 2 pm CST, 3 pm EST

We ask that if this is impacting on your immediate wellbeing, that you contact some of the services within this information, and if you feel you would like to leave to Clubhouse room that is always appropriate - please take care of your own needs.


 We all have the potential to be advocates, and together we can break down the stigma attached to mental health and improve our well-being. Only when we breakdown the barriers, can we achieve our full potential, and create the well-being we deserve.  We invite you and your friends to this club as we cannot make a difference without you. 

We DO NOT provide professional therapy or counselling on clubhouse, however we facilitate a space for people to talk and support each other, and can help provide resources and education on all things well-being.

Mendable Clubhouse Moderators 

We would like to thank and honour our volunteer Moderators for their constant assistance!


Thank you so much!


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