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Philanthropic contributions are essential to enable Mendable to continue its dedicated work to support people’s well-being. 

As you know, the application is currently in development; it will use scientific evidence to enhance, support and maintain well-being. 


However, whilst the app is under construction we continue to dedicate our time to offering ground level support via our Clubhouse community, running group coaching sessions based on specific needs, and engaging those that need support, love and a safe space to talk.  

We have already been offered business advice from wonderful people who believe in our mission, and we are now asking for financial contributions to enable us to prepare the app for launch. Meanwhile, we will continue our great work to the wider population.  

If you’re passionate about people’s well-being and the Mendable movement then please contribute, contact us and help us make a difference. 


Your contribution will help us to continue supporting others in things such as; building resilience; gaining greater self-awareness and giving them the tools to help themselves and others. 

A significant contribution will most importantly enable us to reach more people that may be suffering, encourage people to improve their own well-being, continue to break stigma and continue innovation within the Mendable team to find unique ways to action and engage.   

Alongside Mendable you will be helping us transform lives, reminding people they are NEVER alone!  

If you would like to contribute and help us to make a significant difference, please click on the QR code or this link. We are very grateful for all contributions. 

Mendable was created so we would have the freedom to act quickly and efficiently to support those in need. Therefore, please be aware this is a contribution and NOT a donation as we are not a ‘not for profit’ company.  This means that your contribution is NOT tax deductible. 

We invite you to attend one of our Clubhouse rooms, or contact us, to become more involved in the Mendable Movement.  As always, we invite anyone to join in our Clubhouse rooms to see the incredible work that has been happening for the past year.


Mendable QR code.JPG

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