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Timothy Michael Calvin
Oct 14, 2021
In M-Forum
I wanted to make sure I joined and posted because it was the only way I could think to show my gratitude for the Men’s Testimony room I was in Thurs. October 14th. Every bad day I have ever had has happened on a Thursday. The genuine concern for each others well being and the authentic family atmosphere was almost enough to make up for all of those bad Thursdays. I’ve spent most of my life alone. Not necessarily alone as in unsupervised, but more along the lines of never having anyone to talk to or relate to. Friends have always been tough for me, but I realize my true friends take no effort at all. I am excited to become a part of such an authentic family, and I never believe people when they say things like, “I love everyone of you,” or “You are all my family!” The sincerity was undeniable and I’ve never felt so comfortable sharing in front of that many people🙌 Stay well and God bless🙏
Timothy Michael Calvin
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