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A place you can learn how to heal in real-time.

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Using the new Mendable MPrint Technology, we can change and help self-monitor how people view wellness and its problems.

How can Mendable help you?

Mendable is a brand new type of software application that uses an immersive 3D environment and unique M-Print technology to help you mend yourself.

M-Print technology

M-Print technology uses your cell phone to determine your success with the tools. This technology is only available in Mendable.

Immersive 3D environment

The immersive 3D environment in Mendable is beautiful and serene. You can enjoy the scenery while you're healing yourself.

Heal yourself with learning tools that work for you

Mendable offers a wide variety of modern learning tools that can help support your well being . From mindfulness to emotional regulation, there's something for everyone!

Collaborate anonymously with others

You can share your story anonymously with others who are in a similar situation as yours. They might have insights and tips to share that could help you mend faster!


Mendable World




* Woodlands and Meadows will be available in future versions of the product.

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