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Mendable is an App that has tools and exercises within it that will use science and research to support us in creating and maintaining well-being. 

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Mendable’s™ mission is to use new technology to improve and maintain people’s well-being while also creating a new global community.

Mendable as a movement is dedicated to empowering people to take charge of maintaining and improving their wellbeing. 

Today Mendable continues to apply action-based support, and has expanded to running twice weekly peer to peer support groups on Clubhouse (Monday men’s room, and Thursday open to all - see the Online Support tab to join groups), the Mendable Forum, and the ongoing development of the Mendable App. 

Mendable began working specifically with men’s well-being, as we know men can find it difficult to talk or express themselves when they are having a difficult time. However, as time has passed and the Mendable movement has grown, we have made some changes to ensure there is support for everyone. 

We work under the principle that ‘no one should feel alone.’

We recognise that when people share their lived experiences they are better able to support and improve their own wellbeing, whilst assisting in the improvement of others’ lives.  

As a company, we use scientific research and knowledge to drive our new initiatives. 


Join us on our Mendable journey. 

Let’s live healthier quality lives together.