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Dr. Roach’s 25 year scientific/engineering career was focused on developing new technologies for quantitatively understanding the autonomic control of the cardiovascular system for many kinds of patients.

This work was always performed in research labs and hospitals using expensive medical equipment and staff – usually to obtain just a single assessment.

After their own mother became worried one day about her own well-being, the two brothers decided that there must be a simpler and better way for everybody to gain some understandable insight into their own autonomic control, at any time, and repeatedly, without the need for a laboratory.

Thus, the ‘MPrint’ technology was born, with the goal to allow everybody to learn more about their own autonomic control, track how it changes during the day, week and month; and finally learning self-taught methods to affect their own autonomic control to help them attain the mental well-being they seek.
‘MPrint’ was born out of both adversity and need.


This image displays the Mendable M-Print app gathering body statistics from a mobile device.

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